Technical Services

  • outstanding capabilities in product design

One of the gamers in the design and reverse engineering capabilities crusher optimized production systems in the mining industry and the use of software and powerful day crushing line design, installation and exact calculations is

  • The equipment is designed according to customer requirements

Crusher gamers managed according to customer requirements for the manufacture of a product, offer the best and optimal use of crushing equipment and design to offer. In this regard, the additional information includes the type of mineral, the size of the input materials, hardness, etc. and characteristics of the final product, the customer, and based on this information, the basic layout and design flowcharts and presented to the customer.

  • Design flow (flow charts)

Crusher gamers benefit from software sales engineers day, grinding lines are able to design flowcharts. In addition to the design, the characteristics of engineering services, to avoid duplication in the design and increase productivity and save time provided.

  •  Design of grinding

Crusher gamers to design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and optimization of grinding of minerals step into this arena is built and based on the knowledge, experience, and efforts of young engineers and software specialists and take advantage of the day to to design all kinds of crushing and accurate calculations related to it, to save time and optimize the cost and quality in the end product is ideal.

  • Parseh Crusher

    minerals construction crushing and screening equipment